Girmay Gebru was born in Teseney, now Eritrea and grown up in Adwa, Ethiopia. He took his elementary school in Adi Abun, Tkejeba and high school in Hatse Yohannes, Mekelle. He joined TPLF (Tigriyan Peoples’ Liberation Front) when he was 15. He served in the political section of the party for 6 years. Girmay Gebru is an Ethiopian journalist working for the Voice of America (VOA) Horn of African Service for Ethiopia and Eritrea in to two Ethiopian languages (Amharic and Tigrinya).In 2003 he was vice editor in chief of the biweekly newspaper and magazine named ‘Meqalih’ both and published by the regional government of Tigrai (Northern Ethiopia).In 2004 he was one of the founders and editor in chief of the then only private newspaper in Tigray called ‘Nolawit’ means watch dog in Tigrinya.From January 2005 until now he is Freelance Ethiopian journalist working to the voice of America horn of African services. He produces the sounds in sound edition software on his laptop, he writes the stories in text in Geez font, the Ethiopian native language. He is also taking pictures of the stories and contributes to the VOA’s website. Girmay was the only journalist who took the video footage of the Ayder elementary school bombardment by the Eritrean war aircraft in 1998. Girmay has graduated from law school in Ethiopian Civil Service University in 2001 in LL.B, bachelor of Laws. He is also known as the author of six Tigrinya books so far, ‘Wishay’ poetry in 2002, ‘Masqa’ collection of short stories in 2006 , ‘Kistay 1’ critic book in 2009, ‘Emoke’ poetry in 2013, ‘Kistay 2’  critic book in 2014 and ‘Tswa haw’ adopted book in 2015.In addition to this Girmay is also writing lyrics to Tigriyan singers like Hermon Baraki and Mahlet Gebregergis and others more.  Furthermore, he is encouraging Tigriyan young writers by editing their draft books.He is the prize winner of the long term Tigrigna poetry and short stories award of 2008. Other Names ግርማ'ንኡ  

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